What Does Composite Door Mean?

A composite door means a combination of materials resulting in a much stronger, robust end product. With a combination of foam, wood, uPVC and GRP (glass reinforced plastic), the doors are durable right from the core. This makes them a worthwhile investment for your homes in Fareham.

From modern homes to more Heritage-style build, composite doors can fit in a wide range of properties. the doors we offer come in 35 different styles, suited to your aesthetic. We are proud to offer 16 stunning colours including the more contemporary Duck Egg Blue to a traditional Irish Oak. Experiment with our free door designer to visualise your ideal door.

Benefits of Composite Doors


Weather Resistance

The doors feature a watertight design, which won’t allow water ingress to occur. As well as this, they feature a multi-chambered, insulating profile, which prevents cold air from getting in. As a result, the inside of the property will stay warm and dry despite the outdoor conditions. The durability of composite doors means they can withstand forces from strong winds. You won’t have to worry about structural damage when you choose our high-quality designs.


Drastically improve your home’s privacy with the innovative safety features that come integrated into the door. The multi-point locking systems are tested on their robust properties, ensuring they prevent unwanted intruders. If you are looking for an upgrade in security, we have the option for a Ultion lock. This is a technologically advanced system, to keep your family, home and possessions safe. The lock works by activating a ‘lockdown mode’ when it detects a potential threat. This clever tool is a must to keep yourself protected.

Energy Efficiency

Thermal efficiency comes hand in hand with our composite doors. With the super-insulating foam core, the doors excel in retaining heat inside the property. Not only this, but the high quality materials work to regulate the temperature to prevent an excess of heat in warmer months. For those conscious about keeping their heating bills low, composite doors are a great investment. You won’t have to have the heating on constant, and can significantly reduce your energy usage. Because of this, you will lower your carbon footprint in the long term for a positive environmental impact.

What Does Composite Door Mean


For a bespoke composite door that you’ll be proud of, we offer a vast range of design options and colour finishes. You can decide on your favourite handle and glass options to make every detail customised to you. You can even decide on a different interior colour to match the theme of your home in Hampshire

For a modern look to your property, you could opt for a Three Mid Square style door. Alternatively, for those in more traditional homes, you could choose the beautiful Four Panel One Arch door. We are happy to discuss our various options so you are happy with the finish. Your new composite door can be tailored with our ornate glass designs. You can choose from our clear, obscure or patterned glass styles. Whether you are looking for a classic, subtle finish or want to make a statement, we are happy to cater to your needs.

Composite Door Prices

Composite doors are a durable, energy-efficient home improvement option. With innovative security and an insulating, weather-resistant core, composite doors are a must for your property. Our materials are expertly crafted by some of the best suppliers in the industry, suited to both contemporary and traditional homes.

Here at Buildmydoor, we are proud of our friendly, efficient service. We always work closely with our customers so you are completely satisfied with our work. Use our free online design tool today to visualise your dream door. Customise each element for a truly bespoke finish.

You can give us a message using our contact form. Ask us anything about our entire range, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible. Alternatively, give our office a call on 02380 970105 to speak to our team directly. We are happy to talk through our composite door options that will best suit your next project! We look forward to hearing from you.

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