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Black Composite Doors, Fareham & Hampshire

Buildmydoor specialises in supplying composite doors for customers in Fareham, Southampton, Hamble, Chandlers Ford, Winchester, Hampshire, and the surrounding areas. While other home improvement product suppliers often provide windows, bifold doors, conservatories and other products, our specialisation allows us to focus and hone the quality of our products. Use our free online Door Designer to find your ideal bespoke black composite doors. For more information about our services, contact us through our online form.

Black composite doors are a popular, modern alternative to both uPVC and timber front doors. With a potential 30 year lifespan, your new black composite doors are one of the most robust and thermally efficient door profiles on the market. Our team here at Buildmydoor supplies high-quality black composite doors that suit your needs.


Low Maintenance Black Composite Doors

While timber doors are a classic option for entranceways, they can often require a lot of additional upkeep. The general wear and tear of your front door can result in it chipping, peeling, or suffering weather damage. This means that they need to be sanded and repainted every few years in order to keep their appearance. However, our black composite doors are designed to require little to no maintenance throughout their lifespan.

The outer layer of your composite door is made from a robust series of materials, including glass-reinforced plastic (GRP), uPVC, timber fibres and more. Each of these materials work together to form a hardwearing layer of protection against damage or wear and tear. Our doors are also covered in a layer of powder coating, helping to protect your black composite door from suffering fro- fading, damp or warping from exposure to the elements.

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Long Lasting Appeal

Front doors can be subjected to a lot of wear and tear, particularly in the unpredictable climate of the United Kingdom. With a potential lifespan of up to 30 years, composite doors must endure plenty of wind, rain, and direct sunlight. Unfortunately, traditional timber doors can suffer from this exposure to the elements and can warp, lose their colour, and even peel their paint.

Thankfully, your bespoke black composite door from Buildmydoor is covered in a highly durable powder coating during the manufacturing process. This coating creates a protective layer that shields the surface of your door, safeguarding against color fading from sunlight and preventing dampness, warping, or weather damage. Unlike timber doors that require sanding and repainting every few years, your new composite door won't demand any additional maintenance.

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Design Your Door

Choose from a range of styles, colours, accessories and more to design your bespoke black composite doors today. Use our free online Door Designer and receive a competitive and zero obligation quote.

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Ultion Lock Guarantee

Often your front door is the first line of defence against burglars or other attempted house breakers, who will try and force or drill into your lock to gain access. The black composite doors that we supply come fitted with an 11-pin Ultion lock as standard. Approved by the police-backed Secured by Design scheme, the Ultion lock contains a corrosion-proof molybdenum core that protects the main lock from being picked or forced. As soon as the lock senses any excessive force, it will enter a ‘lock-down’ mode that protects the inner part of the lock from being damaged.

We provide a 10 year guarantee as standard for every Ultion lock we provide. Should your Ultion lock fail in the event of forced entry, we will provide you with a replacement composite door free of charge. We will also give you £2000 in compensation towards any damage to your property. This 10 year guarantee is also transferrable to any new owners, should you sell your home on within that timeframe.

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Black Composite Doors Prices, Fareham & Hampshire

To find black composite doors that are perfect for your property, use our free online Door Designer today. Choose from a range of colours, door styles and accessories including hinges, letterboxes, and handles to personalise it to your tastes. Our team here at Buildmydoor will be in touch to offer you a competitive and zero obligation quote. We never push for a sale, allowing you complete control over your home improvement project.

For more information about our composite door range, contact us today. Use our free contact form or call us on 02380 970105 to speak to a member of our team.

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