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White Composite Doors, Fareham & Hampshire

Buildmydoor specialises in supplying high quality white composite doors for our customers in Fareham, Southampton, Hamble, Chandlers Ford, Winchester, Hampshire, and the surrounding areas. Composite doors are an incredibly sought after, modern alternative to traditional front doors. Thermally efficient, secure, and long lasting, our new white composite doors are a great addition to both contemporary and period properties.

White composite doors mimic the same lasting appeal as both painted timber, and uPVC doors. Low maintenance, and with a potential lifespan of 30 years, your new white composite doors are a simple yet effective way of blending in with your property’s overall style. For more information about our range of composite door styles and to get a quote, use our Door Designer today.


Robust Weatherproofing

Front doors face a lot of wind and weather over the years, protecting your home from the worst of the British weather. Timber doors can often suffer from cracking and peeling, requiring sanding or repainting in order to keep their appearance. However, your new white composite doors don’t need any of this additional maintenance.

Your white composite doors are covered in a layer of powder coating. This coating helps to protect the surface of your door from fading, as well as warping, cracking or weather damage. The surface of your door won’t show any outward sign of wear and tear, even years after it has been installed. White composite doors keep their appearance throughout their lifetime, requiring only an occasional washdown to remove any collected dirt or dust.

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Modern White Composite Doors

Your front door is the first point of contact to your home for guests, and it should leave a good first impression.

With a white composite door supplied by Buildmydoor, you can ensure you make the right impression. These composite doors can come in a variety of different styles, but a clean, fresh white door is a welcome sight to any guest.

Buildmydoor supplies the best white composite doors in the area. For more information, feel free to contact our team or get a quote online.

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Find your ideal white composite doors by using our free online Door Designer today. We offer competitive, zero obligation quotes.

white Composite Door fareham

Thermally Efficient White Composite Doors

It can be surprising how much of your central heating can be lost through an inefficient front door. This heat can be lost not only through unglazed glass sections, but through inefficient frames or even the body of the door itself.

Our white composite doors are designed with thermal efficiency in mind. Both the frame and the body of the door are fitted with strategically placed thermally broken chambers. These chambers act by trapping pockets of warm air, creating a thermal barrier to prevent warmth from escaping through the door or cold air from entering. By replacing your old front door with a more thermally efficient, composite door, you could potentially save money on your heating bills and decrease your carbon footprint.

white Composite Door southampton

White Composite Doors Prices, Fareham & Hampshire

If you are looking to get brand new, white composite doors then Buildmydoor can help you. By using our free online Door Designer, you can choose from a variety of different design options, including styles, colours, and accessories. Once you have designed white composite doors that is perfect for your home, we will be in touch to offer you a competitive quote.

Our quotes are entirely zero obligation, allowing you to feel in control over the progress of your project. We never push for a sale, and never hire outside contractors to do our fittings. For more information on our our range of composite doors, contact us today. Use our contact form or call us on 02380 970105 to speak to a member of our team.

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