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Thermal Efficiency

Keep warmer for longer with our insulating composite doors. Save on your energy bills with your home improvement as your house retains heat and keeps away the winter chill. As well as a thick Nordic wood core to keep out the cold, our doors are waterproof and stop draughts. Whatever the weather, we’ve got you covered!

Privacy of Composite Doors

Stay comfortable and secure in your Warsash home with a fantastic security system. Using multi-locks and the option for Ultion, the ultimate lock protection, you’ll feel relaxed. The noise insulation means you can enjoy a peaceful home.

Personal Designs

We manufacture every composite door to each individual’s taste. Suited to your aesthetic, we can work with you throughout our process to make your perfect front door. We offer a vast range of door designs, offering a variety of colours. Use our free door design tool today to visualise your idea and get a quote on as many as you want!

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Composite Doors Warsash

At Buildmydoor, we value our customers and their ideas for their perfect home improvement. Investing in a composite door will not only save you money and energy in your home but also makes a beautiful addition to any home.

Warsash customers can choose up to 35 composite door styles in 13 different colours. Our selection means you can opt for traditional, colourful, modern or plain designs – whatever you fancy! Our online design tool offers many combinations for you to try out, and get a quote.

Composite doors use quality materials such as insulating foam and Glass Resistant Plastic (GRP) for an excellent performance. Unlike uPVC doors, our mix of materials ensures unrivalled insulation and value.

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Advanced Security

Warsash customers have the choice of installing Ultion cylinders in the locks of the composite door. By cleverly using advanced technology, it detects intruders and activates a ‘lockdown mode’.

The revolutionary locking system will give you peace of mind that your home will be free from unwanted visitors. In the improbable event that a burglar breaks the Ultion cylinder, our guarantee ensures you will get a replacement door for free.

The design has been tested by experts using all types of weather to ensure it is both water-tight and air-tight. You can have a cosy winter knowing you’ll be saving on your energy bills and relax in the warm.

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Glass Designs

We offer 16 different styles of backing glass patterns for your composite door. As well as this, we offer a vast range of beautiful glass patterns for that wow-factor. Our advanced glass uses double glazing for maximum weather protection, keeping your warm home warmer.

Use your electricity less with windows utilising the natural light, brightening your house. Reducing your carbon footprint, the insulating glass is perfect for your Warsash home. With optimum security, our composite doors will undeniably keep you and your family safe from any intruders.

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Bespoke Composite Doors

Our extensive range of styles, colours and glass designs means you won’t be short of choice for your composite door. Bespoke and personalised, each entry is unique to you as here at Buildmydoor we understand everyone has a different style.

If you want a bright home with a contemporary designed door, the Two Panel One Square design would be perfect. However, if you want privacy, then you could go for the Four Panel Composite Door.

We offer 28 different options, so have a look at our full range of styles here. To make your idea a reality, use our free online design tool. You can combine your favourite colours and styles to see your perfect door come to life!

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Composite Doors from Buildmydoor

Warsash customers will receive our professional service with our expertise, to make the process an easy one for yourselves. We will fit at a time suited to you, to disrupt you as little as possible. We can install the new door within a day to ensure your schedule is not interrupted!

At Buildmydoor, we are proud to offer a ten-year guarantee on your investment. We also a replacement door and compensation in the unlikely event of an intruder snapping the Ultion cylinder.

We are members of Checkatrade and have FENSA and CERTASS approval for our services. Therefore with our care and expertise, we can assure that you are working with a trusted company!

Composite Door Prices Warsash

Working with each budget of our dedicated customers, we will ensure you get your ideal composite door at a perfect price. Our made-to-measure designs mean your home is unique.

Use our design tool to make a door that you love in the colour and style to suit. We can give you a quote for any of the designs you create; which puts you in charge of your dream home improvement.

We are happy to answer any questions you may have. Get in touch with us today to find out more by using our online contact form!

Call our office on 02380 970105 to speak to one of our team today!