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We offer an extensive range of composite door styles so you can be sure to find the right one for your home in Wickham. Each of our solid timber core composite doors and GRP composite doors are highly durable. Give the entrance to your home a solid barrier from the outside world.

Energy Efficient

Enhance the thermal efficiency of your home when you invest in our composite doors. With a choice of a solid timber core or a foam and uPVC core, whichever you choose, your home will benefit from warmth throughout the entire year. Relax in your home, knowing not only is your home a more sufficient temperature, but you are also saving money on your energy bills too.


Our composite doors are incredibly secure with the Ultion lock. The Ultion locking mechanism protects your home from forced entries and with our 10 year guarantee, we have your home covered. Keep your home in Wickham well protected when you invest in a modern composite door from Buildmydoor.

Black Composite Doors Wickham

Composite Doors Wickham

If you are looking to upgrade your front door, then look no further than Buildmydoor’s composite doors. We offer an extensive range of composite doors so whether you live in a modern or traditional home in Wickham, we have a composite door for you. With a range of customisable options, you can tailor your new door to suit not only your home but your personal style too.

We have a range of colours, styles, glass options and hardware accessories for you to put your own stamp on your new composite door. First, you must choose between our solid timber composite door and our GRP composite door. Whichever style you choose, be sure to achieve unrivalled levels of performance for your home in Wickham.

Blue Composite Doors Wickham

Composite Door Styles

With over 37 composite door styles to choose from, you can be sure to find the ideal fit for your home in Wickham. All of our door styles have been handpicked to allow you a choice between all the popular composite door styles in the market today. Whatever style of home you live in, in Wickham, we have a design to suit yours.

Each of our doors can be custom designed to create a bespoke entrance to your home. Within our designer tool, you can choose every step of your design, even where your hinges sit on your new door. Select whether or not you have a frame and side panel included. 

Composite Door Glazing Wickham

Glass Options

We offer an extensive range of glass options for your new door. So if you are choosing a door style that requires a glass panel, choose from our clear, obscure or other patterned glass styles. Whether you are looking for a classic door design or a bold statement, we have an array of glass designs to choose from.

Choose Satin, Obscure or Clear for designs filled with simplicity or Crystal, Coloured or Fusion styles for a more standout statement. Or simply select the unglazed option if you do not require a glass panel within your door. However you would like your new door to look, we have all the design tools that you need.

Composite Door Colours Wickham

Composite Door Colours

When choosing a new door for your home, it is crucial to be able to put your own stamp on the front of your property. Which is why offer a range of RAL colour options to choose from. Complement the appearance of your home with a Chartwell Green or Duck Egg blue or create a bold statement with a Red or Golden Oak.

Whatever style of your home you have, traditional or modern, we have a colour option to suit you. Opt for a dual colour option by having a different colour on the external and internal side of your door. So you can be sure to blend the interior of your home with your door.

Red Composite Doors Wickham

Bespoke Composite Doors

Tailor your new composite door to suit the style of the rest of your modern or traditional home and choose from our range of customisable hardware options. We offer a range of hardware accessories to allow you to put your own stamp on your new door. Choose a sweet lever handle paired with a sweet square letter plate or neither, we put you at the forefront of your own composite door design.

Whatever your requirements for your new composite door, we have a range of customisable options to design you an entirely bespoke composite door. Design your door today and take the first step to upgrade your home in Wickham. We offer competitive pricing that includes your installation and VAT.

Composite Door Prices Wickham

Take the first step to designing your dream entrance to your home with a new composite door. Whether you live in a modern or traditional home, we have a range of composite door styles to suit your home in Wickham. Design your composite door today and create an entirely bespoke design.

Alternatively, if you are still unsure about choosing the right door for your home, then fill in our quick quote and we can give you a call at your earliest convenience. Or call us directly on 02380 970105. Our team of composite door experts are always on hand to help you make the right decision for your home in Wickham.