Dark Wood Composite Doors, Fareham & Hampshire

Buildmydoor installs realistic, traditional dark wood composite doors for our customers in Fareham, Southampton, Hamble, Chandlers Ford, Winchester, Hampshire, and the surrounding areas. Our free online Door Designer allows you to create your very own bespoke dark wood composite doors from scratch. We offer competitive, zero obligation quotes for your installation, allowing you total control over your installation work.

Composite doors are highly sought after, especially those that replicate the look and feel of a traditional timber door. Being able to blend in with both traditional and modern properties, composite doors are thermally efficient and highly secure. Our team specialises in fitting composite doors, allowing us to focus solely on providing high quality and long lasting installations. Contact a member of our team today through our online form for more information.


Low Maintenance Composite Doors

Dark wood composite doors’ main draw is their ability to replicate the look and feel of a traditional timber profile. Real wooden doors are a classic design, but can often suffer from chipping, peeling, cracking and water ingress. Their day to day use can lead to wear and tear, meaning continued maintenance and repainting every few years. However, our dark wood composite doors can have a potential lifespan of 30 years with little to no additional upkeep.

The skin of your dark wood composite doors are made from a highly robust combination of materials, including glass reinforced plastic (GRP), uPVC and natural fibres. Covered in a professional powder coating to protect it from fading and warping, your door only needs an occasional wash down to get rid of any collected dirt.

Solid Core Dark Wood Composite Doors

Our dark wood composite doors, like all the composite doors we install, are built around a central solid core. Many composite doors can be filled with foam, which doesn’t provide any sense of structure to the door and can be easily broken through. This means that these doors can be easily forced open with excessive power. The solid core that of our composite doors, however, is made from sixteen layers of Kerto laminated timber. These layers are laid with individual alternating grains, preventing any weaknesses from developing throughout the body of the door.

This solid Kerto core works alongside both the Liniar steel framework and the Ultion multipoint lock. The Ultion lock is fitted as standard onto all of our composite doors, with a 10 year guarantee against failing. Secured by Design approved, the lock enters a ‘lock-down’ mode upon sensing any forced entry, preventing the central barrel from being snapped or drilled.

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Create your own bespoke dark wood composite doors through our free online Door Designer. Select from a variety of options, and receive a free, zero obligation quote for your installation.

Thermally Efficient Composite Doors

It is surprising how much heat loss can occur through an old or inefficient front door. However, your new dark wood composite doors are designed to trap heat inside your home, potentially saving you money on your energy bills. Lightweight yet incredibly robust, your composite door’s Kerto solid core features thermal breaks throughout the body and the frame of the door.

These thermally broken chambers placed throughout the body and frame of the door works by trapping pockets of warm air. These pockets sit inside the door, acting as a thermal barrier that prevents warmth from transferring outside. It also prevents cold air from entering, either through draughts or heat transfer. This can not only help lower your energy usage, but also prevent damp from developing.

Dark Wood Composite Doors Prices, Hampshire

Interested in finding new, bespoke dark wood composite doors for your home in Fareham or Hampshire? Buildmydoor allows you to create your own unique profile today, offering a competitive quote for your installation work. Discover our full range of traditional, contemporary, and urban door styles, as well as woodgrain finishes, colour options, accessories and more. The dark wood composite doors that we install are bespoke to every customer, ensuring that it is perfectly suited to their property.

If you are looking to find out more information about our range of composite door products, or details about our installation work, contact us today. Use our contact form or call us on 02380 970105.

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