Solid Core Composite Doors

We supply a fantastic range of solid core composite doors to homes in Fareham and the surrounding Hampshire areas. Our solid core composite doors are made up of uPVC, a solid timber core, insulating foam and GRP (glass reinforced plastic). Together the robust door profiles provide homeowners with enhanced thermal efficiency, security and design.

You can choose from three types of solid core composite doors and a plethora of styles. The flexibility of our products allows you to customise your new solid core composite doors. We offer a selection of colours and hardware accessories to complete the final look. Use our handy online door designer to start your next project today.

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Composite Door Styles

Whether you live in a listed building or a contemporary new-build, we have three types of solid core composite doors for you to consider.

Traditional Composite Doors

For homeowners looking to keep the traditional door style, our traditional solid core composite doors is the right choice for you. Our doors can emulate the authentic timber look without requiring the upkeep that timber doors require. The advanced manufacturing provides long-term performance and doors that adapt to each weather condition to don’t warp, rust or corrode.

Our solid core composite doors are made up of 16 layers of laminated veneered timber and are positioned to prevent any weakness of each part of the door. The outside layers of uPVC, insulating foam and GRP (glass reinforced plastic) works together to give you a door that will secure your home and keep it thermally efficient throughout the year.

Contemporary Composite Doors

Our contemporary composite doors aren’t just designed for modern homes; they will suit any property looking for a sleek aesthetic. Your new solid core composite door comes with a selection of glass panel options for you to consider. There are glazing options available depending on if you want more privacy or natural daylight.

All types of solid core composite doors excel in thermal performance and will continuously insulate your home all-year-round. We fit our doors with high-quality locking systems to ensure that you feel secure in your property throughout the year. Our solid core composite doors are the perfect mixture of design, security and energy efficiency.

Urban Composite Doors

Our final door type is our urban solid core composite door. This style of door is designed to blend into both modern and traditional homes seamlessly. We have a range of accessories available, including long metal pull handles to add a unique touch to your new solid core composite door. If you are looking to add a decorative feel, we have squared, central and offset glazing.

Urban composite doors provide a plethora of practical and visual benefits to enjoy for years to come. The thick 16 layer timber core and additional insulating door profiles will keep you insulated at all times. Due to the state-of-the-art manufacturing of our doors, you can trust that we have supplied a door that will keep you and your home secure.

Bespoke Design

You can design your new solid core composite door to add to the aesthetics of your home. We have 13 colours available for you to pick from, including Green and Anthracite Grey. Whether you are looking for a more authentic or bold statement, we can provide you with bespoke packages for you to consider.

We also can provide you with hardware accessories to add to your solid core composite door. You can choose your door handles to harmonise with the look of your door. We also offer three doorbell types with technology that provides you with many features, including cameras, app control and voice activation.


All of our solid core composite doors come fitted with an 11-pin Ultion lock as standard. We offer a range of other locks for you to consider; each lock is tested thoroughly to ensure that it meets the latest industry standards. Your new locks are designed to have an easy opening but also provide you with optimal security.

Hinges are very important for the security of your solid core composite door. Our hinges are slimline and heavy-duty, adding to the rigidity of your new door. You can customise your handle from a range of colours and metallic finishes. If you want to find out more about our solid core composite doors’ security, take a read of our composite door security page.

Solid Core Composite Door Prices

Start designing your new solid core composite door with our handy online door designer. You can play around with our wide array of door styles and design options until you find your dream door. We will give you an instant quote so you can get an idea of what we offer. It could not be easier to start your next project with us.

If you still have questions about our range of solid core composite doors, get in touch through our online contact form. Alternatively, you can give us a ring on 02380 970105 and chat with one of our experts. We are on hand from quotation to supply to answer any questions that you may have for us.

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