What Is a Composite Door Made Of?

Composite doors are made from a combination of uPVC, solid timber, glass-reinforced plastic (GRP) and foam. These materials result in a high-performance design that will last for decades. Each part of the door is made with specific qualities that combine to offer a long-lasting home improvement. The door excels in its durability and is also incredibly low maintenance thanks to the components used.

Composite doors make an excellent choice for homeowners looking for a sturdy, modern addition to their property.  As one of the strongest doors on the market, they will protect your home from unpredictable weather and unwanted break-ins. Wih high security locking systems, composite doors will ensure you stay secure and comfortable at home. Make a worthwhile investment in a composite door from Buildmydoor.


Thermal Performance

It’s important that when upgrading your door, it offers excellent thermal efficiency for your property. Our composite doors are expertly designed to retain heat for much longer than timber or uPVC doors. With the warm foam core, the U-values are unrivalled and the overall energy efficiency is superb. As a result, homeowners can utilise their existing heating and potentially reduce their bills. As your bills start to drop, you will be making a positive environmental impact and you lower your carbon emissions.


Each composite doors is fitted with high security features to ensure your safety isn’t compromised. With multi-point locking systems, reinforced handles and robust hinges, your home will remain protected. We also have the option for an innovative Ultion cylinder, an innovative security system. This works by detecting threats then activating a ‘lockdown mode’ to protect your home and family. Homeowners can have confidence that our doors will ensure they are safe.

Low Maintenance

From the interior right to the exterior, composite doors won’t suffer weather damage. the materials combine to act as a robust barrier, ensuring structural integrity for decades. As well as this, you won’t have to offer constant upkeep to the doors, as they are incredibly low maintenance. they won’t warp, crack, rot or distort over time, for a worthwhile investment. All that’s needed is a damp cloth to wipe away any dirt, and your door will perform just like new!

what is a composite door made of


Glass Options

As well as the four main materials that make up a composite door, it is fitted with double glazed glass inserts. We are proud to offer 16 stunning glass styles to add a unique aesthetic to the finish. The intricate glass will add visual appeal, with a variety of choices. Additionally, you can enjoy a more private home as the glass can be obscured. We can fit the glass in a choice of colours, resulting in a stained glass effect. Visitors will be impressed by the beautiful designs.


With an expansive range of door designs, we are certain you will find something to suit your aesthetic. Each one comes with slightly different window options, some more modern while some are more traditional-looking. You could go for the more heritage feeling Maple Arch, or go for the Curve range which offers a modern twist to the door. Whatever you decide, we can provide a door you will love!


Choose from a range of hardware options to add your own spin on the door. Choose from our sleek handles in a variety of metals. You are free to add knockers, letterboxes and even a spyhole. Choose from our hinges to perfectly match the handle. We are proud to offer such a wide range of customisation options, giving you creative freedom.

Composite Door Prices

Here at Buildmydoor, we are experts in the home improvement industry. Our skilled team have over 20 years experience, meaning we offer a thorough, friendly service.

Each composite door is entirely made to measure. You can design your dream door today using our online tool. Choose your favourite style, colours and glass options, and we’ll give you an instant price!

Get in touch with us today using our contact form. Our team are happy to answer any queries you have. Alternatively, you can call our office on 02380 970105 to speak to us directly. We look forward to hearing from you!

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